I have been known to randomly and spontaneously extend gestures of kindness.

There is no better feeling than giving to someone without any apparent reason. At Christmas I randomly gave out gift cards from the mall, these are great gifts as they are good within the entire mall and it felt great to give these away and hopefully making ones day in the process.

On this day post completing my laundry, I departed to Westdale to grab some Pho at Saigon restaurant. I dined in alone on this day and ordered a pho and spring rolls as a starter. The quality here is okay but can be spotty dependent on the day but in turn the pricing is good and most days the food is good and the service runs parallel. I got my food and green tea, took a couple images with the Nikon D7100 (as usual-image above) and was content with both the rolls and the pho.

I proceeded to notice a young lady sat down behind me and seemed to be working on some type of project and came across very kind while ordering. As I got up to pay she had received her food so I thought with it being Easter, I was going to pay for her bill. Whenever I do this, I never want the recipient to know as I think it can be a nice surprise overall. The waitress looked at me and smiled when I asked to pay for the table behind me when paying my bill and thought it was nice. I proceeded to pay and quietly made my out and went off on my day. I am sure she was thankful [smile].

I can honestly say there is no better feeling than going home and having done something nice for someone and having the curiosity whether indeed you did put a smile on their face. I love it and would not change it for anything. I wish we lived in a kinder world most days as the world would be a much happier place to live and breathe.

Thank you and always be kind as it will always pay itself back!

Cheers & Love.

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