There remains days that are harder than others; we all have days that challenge us and that move us.  Today was a day like this for me.  When these days arise, when they occur, we must understand they are now among us and we must face the challenges ahead.

For me, I needed to get away today, this away was to arrive and relax within Starbucks.  I needed to decompress with my thoughts to allow an understanding of what is going on in this world, and more importantly why they are going on.  Is it technology, is it is the lack of leadership, is it the lack of parenting in a loving way or it a combination of it all?  I am unclear but would like to know one day!

Cheers & Love.




40 and counting.

Turning 40 was a big deal this past year but I remain to feel connected in almost every area, emotionally, physically and spiritually; I am grateful.

Although society remains in demise I still believe in humanity with the need of love to all cultures, colours, religions, as we must all breathe humanity as we all share one commonality and that is we are all human; in turn we should feel human and treat life as a gift and not an optional choice with love and kindness transferred to one another with every breath, step walked and travelled. There is only one community in this world, it is the community of humanity.

I feel thankful as my Father past away far too young, younger than I. I feel as if I have a whole life ahead of me; I feel vibrant and young these days whilst disposing of negativity in my life. I only absorb love, so I can only exhaust love within my seconds, minutes and hours of my days I have left here in this thing we call life.

Live life visualizing and seeing only humanity; do not see colour, religion, ignorance and focus on love with supreme gratitude for all that surrounds you and compiles what we need for peace, unity and life on earth.

Cheers & Love.