Whilst living in Ronces in Toronto, I adored the evening and morning walks that allowed me to capture great images such as this one here!  This was captured mid morning and the moon remained on the way to the Queen Street transit!

Love this shot!

Cheers & Love.


03242015_WHERE I STAND_D7100_JPG

The truth is, where we stand matters.  It matters because where we stand can change our lives and change someone else’s depending on your character and your personality.  This is why I love Toronto and all it has to offer, as it was here that changed my life and allowed me to meet some of the greatest people throughout the city.  Where you stand is everything and has the ability to change our lives.  So please stand in front of the one that loves you the most and stand in a place that drives you to be better and to be you!

Cheers & Love.



The art of photography is amazing with so many options to shoot with and for!  I love this shot on Brant Street in Burlington that I captured one morning prior to getting my beloved Americano!  Perfectly out of focus and with the rain falling thus giving a sheen to the ground.  I love it fully!

Cheers & Love.